Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quiet Sun

Solar Features on August 16, 2012

A pleasant, clear, mild, low humidity morning dawned on August 16. Although relatively few features were present on the Sun, I couldn't refuse such a nice opportunity to observe. Good seeing prevailed, so images were captured in good detail. Two significant filaments were present.
C-shaped filament (Click for full detail.)
Another filament near the limb (Click for full detail.)
Only one sunspot faced Earth. It was near the Sun's limb where some nice prominences were visible.
Sunspot 1543 and prominences (Click for full detail.)
The following 6-image mosaic shows the placement of features along the Sun's western limb.
Limb mosaic (Click for full detail.)
The inverted version of the limb mosaic highlights the floating filament near the bottom.
Inverted limb mosaic (Click for full detail.)
There have been no opportunities for observation since August 16. I'm eagerly awaiting arrival of my new telescope mount sometime in the next two weeks!

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