Saturday, August 22, 2015

Heavy Dew

Milky Way Photo Attempt

It was very clear on August 15th, two nights after the Perseid Meteor Shower, with no Moon and mild temperature. A high pressure system lingered over eastern Virginia. This was a perfect summer night to try some constellation photography. I walked a half mile to a nearby field away from glaring lights. Mild conditions made it easy to patiently set up my equipment and carefully focus the camera lens. I was just about ready to begin a series of exposures when I discovered fog on the lens. Since I had no dew cap or heater, I had to give up. This was so frustrating! I should have known this would happen and been properly equipped.

Dew was particularly heavy this night. By morning the grass and plants were dripping with moisture. Fortunately, I managed to salvage one 2-minute exposure made as dew just started fogging the lens. Subsequent images were much worse and useless. This image is drastically cropped to eliminate light pollution near the horizon.
Sagittarius, the "Teapot", is on the very bottom just left of center. The Milky Way shows up well, but stars seem a bit blurry instead of being sharp points.

The evening was not a total loss. I saw a spectacular bright meteor pass directly overhead leaving a bright orange trail. This was probably a remnant of the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Next time, I'll arrive with dew fighting equipment.

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